🚀 Launching our CTVC job board!

Find, filter, and share opportunities to shape our climate future

Each week we’re on the prowl to bring you compelling opportunities to work on climate. We’ve shared over 700 top open climate tech roles and have gotten some pretty positive traction across our job postings, including a meaningful number of full-time matches! 💚

Announcing 📢 The CTVC Job Board!

We’ve partnered with Pallet to aggregate open climate tech roles at startups, funds, and connector orgs that we think would be great places to find meaningful work on meaningful problems. We recognize that finding the right click between your passions, skills, and culture is challenging, and we’re committed to continue figuring out better ways to marshal resources to bend the climate curve. A job board by no stretch solves things, but hopefully it’s a small step towards bringing more committed and capable folks to leverage their powers for good.

🙋‍♀️ Job seekers

Discover and filter open roles at leading climate tech companies and funds

Our weekly newsletter job listings are all now viewable in one place. A much-requested feature: you can filter roles by function, location, and seniority. Jobs will stay live for 30 days. We’ll drop new roles (along with the newsletter) every week on Monday mornings.

👩‍💼 Climate companies

Get in front of 15,000+ of the most in-the-know climate candidates

Startups, funds, and organizations working on climate tech can submit open roles to get featured directly on our job board. We have two categories: Standard and Featured. Through the end of the month, post for free!

Climate change will take all of us chipping in collaborating together to work on climate. We want to make it just a bit easier for that magic to happen.

What do you think? Drop us a line at 📩 [email protected]

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