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It’s Friday - phew! We recognize it’s hard to focus on long range climate risk, or our inboxes, with the real calamity of war - our hearts go out to Ukraine, and everyone near and abroad affected by the specter of further conflict.

It’s been quite the ride over the last two (incredible) years of Climate Tech VC. We started in the early throes of the pandemic, when the world began waking up to how the exponential curve of COVID parallels what’s in store with the climate crisis. Since then, $59B in venture capital funding has catalyzed the acceleration of 1,000+ climate tech startups. The climate community’s talent, technology, solutions, and stamina inspire confidence that the exponential decarbonization inflection has only just begun.

At CTVC our mission is to foster and accelerate early stage climate innovation through market data and storytelling inspiration. So far, our volunteer team has broken news on hot deals & funds, curated leading perspectives from investors & innovators, generated insights & market maps, and built open tools & resources for data transparency.

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With undoubtedly more climate innovation to come, we want to build a bigger and better platform to support you - whether you’re a longtime climate tech OG or a passing tourist curious for more. We’re ever grateful for all 20k+ of you. Your engagement, questions, and continued support have kept us going and growing.

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